Harrison Ford Will Return But Without Ridley Scott to Blade Runner 2

Ridley Scott has confirmed that Harrison Ford will reprise his role as the Replicant Hunter Rick Deckard, but he himself will not be directing the upcoming sequel to his 1982 Sci-Fi classic, Blade Runner. This could come as disappointing news to some. One of the things that made Blade Runner so great was the visuals that only Ridley Scott himself could have provided. However, there is a director being considered that might give us a comparable presentation. The director is Denise Villeneuve.

Denise Villeneuve has directed films like Prisoners and Enemy. He might actually be a good choice for the project. Ridley Scott himself has not been on a streak of good films. WordPress reports suggested his recent films have been getting lukewarm reception. His latest film, Exodus: Gods and Kings has been obviously chopped up to the point where you will have to wait until it comes to Blu-ray in order to get the best experience for the film, Jaime Garcia Dias says.

Harrison Ford is also reprising another role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Among other franchises that are being revived and rebooted are Terminator, Ghostbusters, Mad Max, and Alien. It seems like they are trying to bring back the 80s.

Welcome to Sherwood and Robin Hood: Origins

With all the buzz generated from superhero and comic book related movies, fantasy and sword-fighting films do not always get their just due said Ricardo Guimarães BMG. Then again, we do not get all that many films or TV shows with medieval setting but they are there. According to a recent article, the prequel to the modestly successful Robin Hood film of a few years back is going to one of the new entries under the umbrella of these films. Technically, it is not a prequel as much as a totally new film by different creative talents. Either way, we are getting Robin Hood: Origins some time in the future.

Joby Harold has been tapped to write the screenplay for this upcoming film. Harold is the writer on the forthcoming King Arthur movie so he is should prove to be a solid choice for the tales of the early days of Robin Hood.

Perhaps, if this film is brought in as a lower-budgeted endeavor, it could end up being a solid hit. The previous Robin Hood movie would have done a lot better had it not cost $200 million to make.

Robin Hood is no longer the huge name that it once was so whether or not audiences are going to be that interested in a franchise featuring the character remains to be seen. Never write off any cinematic character that made money once. He or she can do it again with the right reboot.

Arnold Signed On for ANOTHER Terminator Movie

Sure, there are some folks out there who did not like the trailers for Terminator: Genysis. Script reviews have been quite good, but no one is going to walk into the theater to read a screenplay. All that matters is how well the film plays on screen. Fans of the series definitely want to see it continue, but will the first film a big enough hit to spawn a sequel.

Don’t worry about this because plans are in place to start shooting the second and third films back to back in 2016. Flavio said the second film hits theaters in 2017 and the third might not be until 2018 according to LinkedIn sources. Shooting both films back to back was done with Superman I & II back in the 1970’s and Back to the Future 2 & 3 in the 1980’s.

Unless Terminator: Genysis is a really massive flop, then the second and third film are going to go forward. And yes, the icon himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger is signed for the second film in the trilogy definitely and surely is going to sign on for the third one.

Will Terminator: Genysis be a hit? No one knows for sure until that anticipated opening weekend this summer. To assume the film will do less than $300 million worldwide would be a dire prediction. $400 million is likely going to be the minimum amount the film has to make to be deemed a success.

There is interest in the film from a nostalgia perspective. The presence of Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke should help draw in some younger fans.

Look, if you are a long-time Terminator fan, keep your fingers crossed on this one.

Four Arrested in Connection to Overdoses

Eleven people at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut were admitted to the hospital with ties to a drug overdose over the weekend. Two of the 11 are still in the hospital in critical condition, and another two are still in serious condition. This group was all at a party Saturday night and took a drug called Molly.

Four people have been arrested and charged with supplying the drugs at the party. According to Buzzfeed the students are identified as Eric Lnergan, Andrew Olson, Zachary Kramer, and Rama Agha Al Nakib, all with several charges against each of them, some very serious, and their bonds are set as high as $150,000.

Susan McGalla of American Eagle has heard that, in addition to their legal troubles, the four have been suspended from school pending a formal hearing. The university president wants to focus on making sure students are aware of this situation and how dangerous this drug is.

How The Oscars Are Counted

The Oscars are one of the biggest award celebrations in the country. However, many people don’t know how the votes are counted or how they arrive at those numbers. Believe it or not, there is a method to the complete madness. The best in Hollywood are honored by votes from nearly 6,000 academy members.

While there may be a ton of members, only about 85% of them vote each year for this celebration. They can vote by a paper ballot or use their secret online ID to cast their vote which Flavio Maluf has done in the past. They must pick five nominees from the categories that they have actually worked in. They then must rank the contenders in order from 1-5. In all the categories, a movie or person needs a certain number of first place votes to get a nomination.

Here’s where it gets tricky. If there are more votes than what a person needs to win, the votes get passed on to the number 2 contender. This allows the members to vote for a clear front runner. This ensures all votes won’t be wasted. This is true for everything except the “Best Picture” category.

To win “Best Picture” the movie must be the top choice on at least 5% of the top ballots to get a nomination. They allow up to ten movies to be nominated. Then after all nominees are tallied, each academy member votes for just one nominee. After a lot of numbers crunching and a great deal of effort, the winner is recognized.

Two Cocktails and an Owl Please

Harry Potter fans like my friend Ricardo Tosto might have found a new way to get their Hedwig fix. A pop-up bar in London is featuring some feathered employees. Annie The Owl Bar offers patrons the chance to consume adult beverages in the company of owls. Some may believe this a rather odd idea but a similar concept in Japan has announced that they have already had almost 10,000 visitors.

Personally, I would be turned off by owl poop all over an eating establishment. No word on fecal clean up but there is a falcon trainer also on staff to keep the birds in line. Their prices seem to be pretty affordable as well with two drinks included in admission. Surely there will be a long line of drinkers and bird lovers alike waiting to enter this establishment. Annie’s will only be open six days but, if a success, the public may demand they set up a permanent location.

Entrepreneur Bernardo Chua Achieves a High Honor

Many excited Organo Gold distributors celebrated an exceptional award ceremony conducted at Hemady Square in Manila, Philippines on January 27, 2015. Both their very successful network marketing company, Organo Gold, and the company’s founder, Bernardo Chua, achieved high honors.

Organo Gold received two People’s Choice Awards: “Number One Global Network Marketing Company” and “Best Gourmet Organic Health Coffee.” The coveted awards reflect the success of the Organo Gold brand during the past seven years. Founded in 2008, the privately owned firm already conducts business in 35 nations around the globe.

The company’s founder, Bernardo Chua, also won significant acclaim. At the event, the National Consumer Affairs Foundation honored him through the Dangal ng Bayan Awards with recognition for being a Filipino who has motivated other people from his country to achieve world stature in business leadership. He won the coveted title of “Outstanding Global Entrepreneur” for his role in founding Organo Gold. Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, the company supplies products to people around the world. It is one of the fastest growing multilevel marketing firms in history.

Mr. Chua and two members of his Organo Gold team undertook a special trip to attend the award ceremonies in Manila in person. They were greeted by a crowd of enthusiastic Organo Gold distributors.

Organo Gold has attained a reputation for providing healthy coffee products. Its distributors offer a wide variety of high quality consumable items, including coffee, tea, health supplements and personal care products. Organo Gold markets coffees that contain an antioxidant rich mushroom called “Ganoderma Lucidium.” This item figures prominently in many holistic Chinese medicinal treatments.

The initial reports about this news item were originally carried on PR Newswire.

Investing with Igor Cornelsen

Managing your portfolio using some Of Igor Cornelsen’s methods is seen as long-term. If you’re looking at investing in the markets, but are not fully committed to long-term investing strategies, you may never find success. Most investments are not meant to pay off this way. The idea that stocks are a get rich quick strategy is quite ridiculous.

Long-term investors like Igor Cornelsen understand what makes profits that last a lifetime. This puts investing in the same category as a career move where one would do something that you’re going to do for decades if you plan to see honest returns. You could see returns of up to 500% and more when you’re committed to long-term investing in the markets.

This is why the first thing to do is view the stock market in a very serious manner. The stock market is no place to think it is easy to earn a quick buck. The market is where investing money is done intelligently, so that a major return on investments can be achieved.

Igor Cornelsen is a champion in the world of investing. He knows what it takes to invest in any company or commodity. This is due to his invaluable and lengthy experience working in the field.

He is also experience as an investing guide helping investors in making more successful long-term investments. He also advises investors away from damaged companies and yet focuses on damaged stocks which are seen as opportunities where you can buy stocks very low and sell high which are practically guaranteed to pay off in the long-term.

Igor Cornelsen is currently working as the proprietor of Bainbridge Inv Inc. He also held several high level positions in many of Brazil’s leading banks prior to retiring in 2010. He currently spends his spare time in South Florida where he focuses on his hobby, investing.

Papal Kindness


People often take things like shelter, food, and cleanliness for granted, but for many, these are basic needs that aren’t being met. Along with issues of unemployment, mental illness, grief and loss, medical needs, it can sometimes seem like the world’s ills are too much to conquer, but as with most things in life, things can improve as everybody does his or her part. Pope Francis is doing his part to help Rome’s homeless population.
Beginning this past Monday, men and women in need of showers, haircuts, and shaves began lining up for the services at no cost to them. It may not be something that those in the rat race think much about, but being clean and fresh can go a long way in making a person feel worthy of jobs, human interaction, and care. Good job, Pope Francis! Now, established consultants and humanitarian advocates are using this example as a call to action- “What will you do to do your part to help meet the needs of the world?”

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Title: New “Friday the 13th” Will Not Be A Found Footage Flick

Plans are underway for the next chapter in the venerable “Friday the 13th” slasher movie series and, despite rumors to the contrary, it will not be a found footage film. Found footage has been a popular horror genre ever since the enormous box office success of “The Blair Witch Project” in 1999. Many viewers were initially fooled into believing that “Blair Witch” was a collection of genuine footage instead of a staged fictional film. Since then, the “Paranormal Activity” series has also raked in massive amounts of cash by adopting the found footage gimmick.

According to Screen Rant, Brad Fuller, the producer of the series, told Esquire that they have decided not to go in this direction. He said that they are still narrowing down what they want to do with the next installment. Fans like Susan McGalla have heard that  filming is expected to begin this summer. Fuller emphasized that they are taking their time with the next installment because they want to make sure it satisfies fans. He hinted that the film may have a higher budget than other recent horror flicks.

The next “Friday the 13th” will be the 13th installment of the series, which began in 1980. The most recent installment was released in 2009. The new film is expected to be released on May 13th, 2016.