‘It’ Reboot May Be Dead, According to Stephen King

Stephen King broke the news to his fans, via Twitter, that the reboot film-adaptation of his novel ‘It’ may be dead.

“‘It’ may be dead or undead,” King posted on his Twitter account.

Sky News’ very own Ivan Ong reported that director Cary Fukunaga walked away from the project. According to Sky News, Fukunaga threw in the towel due to an incomplete script and severe budget constraints.

Digital Trends reported that Fukunaga had reportedly wanted to break the film into two parts. The first film was set to have a $30 million budget. The second was reported to have an even higher budget. Fukunaga helped to pen the screenplay for the ‘It’ remake and was set to co-produce.

‘It’ was a 1986 novel written by the King of Horror, Stephen King. The novel, centered around a group of now-grown childhood friends, starred Tim Curry and Richard Thomas. The friends reunited as adults to conquer a demonic entity, Pennywise the Clown, that group thought they vanquished as children. Pennywise was portrayed by Curry and the very iconic image of the crazed clown was the bane of every 80s child’s nightmares.

It Had To Happen: We’re Getting A CHiPs Reboot

Just when you thought you heard it all from the realm of reboots and remakes, a new version of CHiPs is being planned for the big screen. Fans of 1970’s and 1980’s television remember CHiPs as the story of the California Highway Patrol. Specifically, it dealt with the adventures of Jon Baker and Frank Poncherello (Jon and “Ponch”) and, no, the series was far from serious. It was light-hearted, fun, and enjoyable.

While CHiPs was never a monster ratings hit, the show had a strong following thanks largely to the charisma of its stars, Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox. Estrada became an icon during his run on the show. CHiPs was eventually cancelled and now is prime fodder for a movie version. Vincent D’Onofrio, the Kingpin from the Daredevil Netflix series, is currently in contention to be the top bad guy, a nefarious leader of a car theft ring. Currently, the actor is “in talks” so we’ll see how that goes.

Many people over at Skout are left wondering why is CHiPs being selected for a reboot. One very clear reason is the huge success of The Fast and Furious franchise. Anything that involves fast cars and motorcycles is probably going to have a solid chance of selling tickets. CHiPs probably won’t come close to the success of Furious 7, but is should do okay as long as the right amount of action scenes are in the film.

And there is probably going to be an overabundance of chase scenes in this feature.

More Arnold vs. Arnold in the Cool New Terminator TV Spot

The new television spot for Terminator: Genysis has been released and it heavily promotes the fight between the older Arnold and the computer generated 1984 version of the actor.

Clearly, the good people in the marketing department are pushing the young vs. old Arnie as a major selling point for the film. The decision to hype the fight up a lot comes with risks. Namely, the eventual fight could end up being a major letdown and that would not exactly help the word of mouth on the film.

The television spot also provides clips of other action scenes in the film. Most interestingly, we do get a glimpse of the launch of several nuclear missiles in what is clearly the point in which SkyNet becomes self-aware and brings about Armageddon. Of course, the missile launching clip could be a bait and switch. We’ll have to wait until the film actually comes out to learn what is truly going on.

Interestingly, the commercial is being released long in advance of the July 1 release date. Looks like the studio really wants to hype up the release of this film. No one at STX Entertainment would want to see the debut of the new Terminator trilogy falter and fail to be a hit.

Terminator: Genysis has a lot of competition to deal with this summer. Hopefully, the old-time fans of the first two Terminator films will turn out in large numbers and make the film a hit.

Man Leaves $9000 Tip to be Split Amongst Customers and Servers

A customer who was in a good mood felt he should leave a generous tip since Mother’s Day was around the corner. He took it upon himself to leave a $9000 tip to be split among eight people in the restaurant. He told the manager on duty that he wanted it to go to the five customers that were dinning there at the time and the three waitresses at the restaurant. Ivan Ong thought this was a great gesture, as he would try to leave a solid tip as well as a successful CPA Marketer. According to one customer, Bridgette Lengette, was stunned by the news. “800 is a lot of money to be happy about. We were just eating breakfast and I didn’t believe it at first.”

Man Leaves $9,000 Tip to Be Split Amongst Customers and Servers
Unfortunately, the customers and servers have to wait 90 days until the bank could clear the transaction. This is to ensure the check is real and keeps all parties safe.

‘The Crow’ Reboot Making Waves Again

The going theme taking Hollywood by storm over the past decade or so is set to keep on trending for the next few years. Superheroes and reboots are the order of the day as studios seek to put their millions of dollars in funding into proven commodities. While a Ghostbusters reboot, a new film in the Poltergeist franchise, and more familiar names continue to trickle into cinemas, the superhero genre is becoming populated with new characters faster than a warm tropical island with a low cost of living.

At least one more comic book property is getting ready to hit reboot mode as well. According to Screen Rant, a new take on the cult classic film “The Crow” is again making headway in the rumors and development area. The original film made headway and received a fair bit of press not just for the death of star Brandon Lee, but because of the uniquely dark and horrifying world presented. Early reports have the reboot trying to distance itself from the original, even going so far as to make the lead villain female.

The final vote on the quality or necessity of another “The Crow” movie will rest with movie goers who will cast ballots with their hard-earned money according to those who work as Brazilian lawyers. It has been long enough since the original dropped into theaters any ties with it could be pretty much unimportant. The new film could end up being a fair bit better sans the darker tone.

L’Oreal Creates Fake Skin For Makeup Testing

In 2013, L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics had stopped testing their makeup on animals and decided to try something else. As of the summer of 2013, the European Union Regulators have created a ban concerning using animals for cosmetic testing. For the past two years, L’Oreal has respected the EU ban. For two decades, PETA had fought to create a ban on animal testing. More cosmetic companies, such as Estee Lauder and Avon have also stopped using animal testing. More cosmetic companies, such as Estee Lauder and Avon have also stopped using animal testing.

L’Oreal is working on Reconstructed Human Episdermis, pieces of skin developed in the cosmetic company’s lab, replacing animal testing.L’Oreal has been working on creating fake skin since the 1980s and only wants to use this testing for commercial products only. The over 200-year-old, leading world cosmetic company receives the skin samples from plastic surgeons to test with their makeup and skincare products. The French cosmetic industry has joined 3D bioprinting company called Organovo NovoGen Bioprinting. A team of 60 chemists can create 100,00 samples of skin per year, a millimeter thick, enough to skin graft an entire cow.
Organovo wants to create tissues for use in the medical field, and Ricardo Guimarães BMG thinks it will work. Organovo has joined Merck & CO to create tissues liver and kidneys. The bioprinting company hopes to have the first set of tissues ready by next year.

Not Everyone Eager for Sherlock Series 4

On Wednesday, May 13, Reddit users were talking about the announcement from earlier this week that “Sherlock” production of three 90-minute films for Series 4 won’t begin until 2016. The long wait between series has been the result of the show’s creatives needing time to come up with scripts and plan the filming around the schedules of the main actors.

Yet, a lot of loyal “Sherlock” Series 1 and Series 2 fans haven’t been holding their breaths waiting for Series 4.

In some cases, the issue is the long wait. Many fans simply have grown tired of waiting years to see the next “season” of “Sherlock.” But, a lot more fans are fed up with the various types of stereotypes and discrimination that Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss promote through the show.

Not only have both men had past problems with strong women being anything other than sex symbols, they have often used women and LGBT+ characters as nothing more than throwaway props. For example, Facebook reports that  Irene Adler was initially presented as a dominatrix lesbian in Series 2, but, by the end of the second series, she was suddenly in love with Sherlock. Additionally, they have openly mocked fanfiction readers/writers, especially those who “slash” Watson and Holmes, even though both characters have been traditionally rewritten by fans in that light and Moffat and Gatiss used queerbaiting tactics in all three series to attract viewers.

Social Experiment Offering Free Money

A company in Manchester called “The Lad Bible”, started a social experiment. This experiment is one offering free money. A sign posted on a tree in the middle of Manchester read “This money is for people in need only”. The experiment was to see who responded to the free money and how. Was it people in need, people who were in need, but to modest to take it, or did people just ignore it.

At first people would pass by it without a second glance. Not long though and it started to become increasingly popular as people stopped to read it and take pictures. A couple of girls even pulled some of the money off and took it to a man who had been asking for money all day and only gathered a few pennies. Why didn’t he get it himself? Because he didn’t think it was meant for him. One kind-hearted man stopped to add his own money to the board.

The experiment came to a sudden halt though when three grown men who clearly were not in need removed all the money left on the sign just passing it out to each other and walking off. One woman even tried to stop them and tried explaining to them that the money was clearly posted to people in need only. Their response however was to just laugh in her face. This experiment proved interesting to Christian Broda as he mentioned it on his linkedin profile.

American Idol Canceled

The once popular singing reality show will be returning for it’s 15th season in January. However, Fox announced that it will be the a farewell season. The network held a press conference call on May 11th and were asked the question-Why end the mega the former hit show now?

“You know, it was not an easy decision,” said Newman. Former host Simon Cowell responded by saying “we had a blast”. Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr. will return as the judges for the final season. Ryan Seacrest, who in the only on screen talent to remain since it’s 2002 debut, will also return.

James Dondero noted the show helped introduce the world to reality music television. The show also helped introduce stars such as Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. Since then, the show slowly declined in ratings and popularity.

“Next year, it’s going to be a true season-long celebration. We’re already talking about surprises we can have for the fans to make it feel special and send it off [in a way] that makes it as significant as the run it’s had on our network” CEO Gary Newman

Captain America Civil War to Feature Ensemble Cast

Captain America: Civil War might as well be renamed Avengers: Civil War due to the fact that pretty much the entire cast from Avengers: Age of Ultron is going to make an appearance and even some new faces like Spider-Man are showing up. Gravity4 suggested Production has began on this project.

Among the new faces are Ant-Man who is having his first Movie released later this year. There are a bunco of other familiar faces that are returning to the screen with Captain America, especially one that has not been on screen since 2008. This character appeared in The Incredible Hulk which was released in the same year as Iron Man. The character’s name is General Ross, and he will be played by William Hurt. There is also a possibility of the Hulk making an appearance in this Captain America movie.

Of course, there is Martin Freeman playing an unspecified role, but he is getting a lot of buzz when it comes to his appearance in this upcoming Captain America film.