Though Spider-Man’s involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has only recently been announced, people at Marvel were apparently planning to introduce him all the way back when they first began planning for Phase Three.

Though created by Marvel Comics, movie rights for the web-slinger and all his official characters belong to Sony, which has made five Spider-Man films in the last two decades. However, a recent agreement will allow Marvel to pay for their use in the MCU, with Peter Parker premiering in Captain America: Civil War and getting his own movie in 2017.

Bernardo Chua understands that this deal was in the works for a while, it seems. After Sony was hacked last year, some of its secret documents revealed that they and Marvel were already talking about the arrangement. Apprently, Marvel wanted Spidey even before they announced Phase Three of their universe last October.

According to Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios President of Production, that announcement was made as a “Plan A,” with “Plan B” already in place in case the Spider-Man deal with Sony went through. Now that it has, the movie schedule has shifted accordingly, with the new film, tentatively titled The Spectacular Spider-Man, set to be released on July 27, 2017.

Though nothing is set in stone yet, word is that Marvel Studios is looking for a teenage actor to portray a young, new-empowered Peter Parker.

Texas Wants To Allow Students To Bring Guns On Campus

There is at least one state looking at potentially allowing college students to carry loaded and concealed guns on campus. This is the state of Texas, already well known for their weak gun laws.

The Huffington Post reports that the bill has already passed through preliminary hurdles of being voted on by the State Senate. That being said, the bill must still pass the House and then be signed into law by Governor Rick Perry. This could be an interesting test for the Governor as he is a likely candidate in the Presidential race for 2016.

On the one hand, the Governor may want to sign the bill as a way of showing to conservatives that he is serious about protecting their second amendment rights. However, he may also find it difficult to sign something into law that is bound to create a lot of controversy. That’s what Crystal Hunt thinks about this. It is sure to be a strange tip-toe dance for Rick Perry to try to navigate, even on Twitter.

There are many opposed to this law saying that more guns on campuses will lead to more crime. Allowing for concealed weapons on school grounds is something that puts a lot of parents in a state of unease.

There is still more to be worked out with this bill before it officially becomes a law. Opponents are hoping to slow down that trajectory and perhaps get it scrubbed altogether. However, in Texas anything can happen.

A Method of Equality

There is one thing about Hillary Clinton that many people might like to know. She is a person of equality. A recent report reveals that Clinton paid both men and women in her Senate office equal amounts of money. She also made sure those in her political committee were paid the same amount. This goes to her character. She is a woman who sees that men and women are equal.


Clinton doesn’t want one to be seen as superior to another, and this is likely how she will run the rest of the country if and when she is elected for President in 2016. The country needs this kind of equality, and Sergio Cortes knows it even outside of the USA. There needs to be more people in Washington who see men and women as equals. If this were how the country was run, then there might be a little less bickering in Senate and House meetings and more cooperation.

Quality Of Life: Vienna tops the list, Paris on the 27th Position

According to a recent study conducted by Mercer, the Austrian capital is still the city with the best lifestyle in the world of expatriates’ perspective. Overall, European cities dominate the top rankings: Zurich (Switzerland) and Munich (Germany) rank the second and fourth position respectively. In third place, Auckland (New Zealand) and on the fifth position, Vancouver (Canada) is placed. France comes far behind: the city recognized as the leading quality is Paris, but it does classify as the 27th. It is followed by Lyon (39), Pointe a Pitre (69) and Noumea (111).

It is noteworthy that the Mercer is closely monitoring the impact of recent attacks in some European cities (Paris, Copenhagen). Indeed, an increase in the frequency of such events could eventually impact the quality of life and lower the ranking of these cities. It is worth mentioning that Singapore (26) is head of Asian cities, while Dubai (74) ranked first in the Middle East and Africa. Finally, Montevideo, Uruguay (78) is, in turn, got first place for South America. Upon reading it, Sam Tabar (prnewswire.com) discovered that the survey report states that the cities of emerging countries are increasingly competing with western cities. Mercer conducts its annual survey on the quality of life to help companies, mostly multinationals, to equitably remunerate expatriate employees. Two incentives are available to organizations: quality of life allowance and mobility allowance.

New Jared Leto Photo Teases The Joker

Recent photos released on social media by Jared Leto show he has become a very gaunt, short-haired actor. Why so? The actor is getting ready for his turn as The Joker in the D.C. Comics’ villain film Suicide Squad. Leto hopes to become the most memorable of all the live-action versions of the character.

Is Jared Leto’s version of The Joker really going to be the definitive one? Leto has huge shoes to fill said Fersen Lambranho. Cesar Romero and Heath Ledger are considered the two definitive versions of Clown Prince of Crime. To truly bring the character to new heights, Leto has to effectively flesh out an inspired new interpretation while staying true to how the character was traditionally established in the comic books.

The question is “Which books are we talking about?” There have been scores of Batman titles produced over the years and many have featured The Joker. Selecting the right version of The Joker is going to factor into whether or not Suicide Squad’s Joker really does shake the film up.

Since Suicide Squad’s take on The Joker is based on Frank Miller’s classic The Dark Knight Returns, a lot of shaking up really is going to occur in the film. The Joker is likely to be really, really scary and evil. He has to be. The more menacing The Joker is, the more we are going to be looking for his inevitable clash with Batman down the road.

The Frank Miller/Dark Knight Returns Joker is the perfect one to do this.

James Bond Actor Undergoes Knee Surgery

Playing James Bond is no easy task. The actor must be physically fit, handsome, and ready to perform plenty of amazing stunts. Our latest Bond actor, Daniel Craig, sustained a knee injury during the filming of the last movie installment of Skyfall, which raked in an astounding $1.1 billion in ticket sales. This past week Craig underwent surgery to fix the problem.

He is currently in the midst of filming his fourth Bond movie aptly named “Spectre”. Craig and his crew have been filming world-wide from England, Italy, to Mexico. The plot is sure to include some sinister international criminal that only James Bond can take down with his stealth, intellect, and, of course, his gadgets. “Spectre” is set to be released in early November 2015, just in time for Thanksgiving movie-goers. Daniel Craig has plenty of time to recover from his surgery, finish filming, and be red carpet ready by then and the world will be waiting with baited breath to see the movie.

Islam Karimov Re-Elected With Over 90% Of The Total Votes

Outgoing President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov was re-elected without surprise on Monday to a new five-year term by getting more than 90% of the total cast votes after no real opposition denounced by international observers. “17.2 million people, or 90.39% of voters cast their vote to Islam Karimov,” announced by Mirjo-Ulugbek Abdoussalomov, the director of the Central Election Commission of the former Soviet Central Asian republic, which claimed more than 91% participation in the election process.

The three opponents of the President who heads Uzbekistan with an iron hand for more than a quarter of a century were all from political parties officially supporting the incumbent president and calling for re-election. This is something many around the world like Dan Newlin will be paying attention to.

“Despite a clear limit to two consecutive terms in the constitution, the Central Election Commission registered the incumbent president as a candidate,” noted in a statement on Monday by the mission of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE ). “This is a violation of the principle of rule of law and this raises doubts about the independence of the commission,” the statement said, adding that the Uzbek media “gave the outgoing president a clear advantage.” It is noteworthy that Karimov has been associated with long presidential terms, overwhelming victories over competitors of low awareness and participation presented as massive in every election.

Cycle of Violence May Not be as Once Thought

For decades it was thought that an abused child grew up to be an abuser, that the “Cycle of Violence” would perpetuate more violence throughout generations. An article in the Science journal shows that Cathy Spatz Widom, a psychologist at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City, studied hundreds of people who had been abused.

The study began in 1989 and spanned over three decades. The abused children were studied and watched for signs of abusing their own children. Dan Newlin said the study included interviews and examination of court records.

Through this study it was determined that abused children are not more likely to grow up and abuse their own children any more than anyone else. The abused children, now adults, had a higher incident of neglect rather than physical abuse, which may stem from lack of good parental role models as opposed to actually neglecting out of lack of compassion. Perhaps these parents had some neglect issues out of fear of physically hurting their own children so they did nothing instead. The study was positive for those who are abused and afraid to have their own children out of fear of perpetuating the “Cycle of Violence”.

Limitations to this study are from lack of court records regarding some types of abuse that do not show marks, but overall it shows that the cycle does not have to continue.

Official Trailer for Maggie Released

Even as a lot of buzz has generated about the upcoming release of Terminator: Genisys on July 1 that features Arnold Schwarzenegger returning to help change the future, many critics and cinephiles are talking about another less promoted Schwarzenegger film called Maggie which supposedly was placed on the Hollywood screenwriter’s Black List.

The first official trailer for the film was released this week and everyone who has seen it is talking about how it might be a great new view of zombie horror genre TV shows and film apocalypses and the human and inhuman characters within them.

Set for release on May 8 worldwide, Bubblews said that Maggie is an independent American horror film about a Midwest father named Wade, played by Schwarzenegger, who must decide what is best for his daughter Maggie and their family after she becomes infected with a zombification virus. In this version of a zombie apocalypse, Maggie’s transformation into a zombie does not happen quickly as is usually the case in most modern zombie stories, such as The Walking Dead. Instead, the transformation can takes months. Wade is given permission to bring Maggie home until it is time for her to inevitably be sent to quarantine unless a cure is found.

Once Maggie turns, a large part of the film’s focus is on whether Wade will decide to kill her or attempt to find a way to save her.

The Most-Loved “Hated” Actors

Several male actors are equally loved and hated by the masses. They continue to get choice work on big and small screens, yet they often receive heavy criticism for everything from their looks to acting abilities.

In GoZend’s 2015 “Top 5 Hated Actors” list, Shia LaBeouf, Pauly Shore, Hayden Christensen, Tyler Perry and Robert Pattinson were selected for a variety of reasons.

The fifth and third spots were chosen for actors who are considered “dry” or “boring.” Robert Pattinson, although loved in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as Cedric Diggory, has received severe criticism for his role in the Twilight series and relationship with Kristen Stewart. Like Pattinson, Christensen started his early career in a big franchise but many film buffs believe his early acting mistakes and style destroyed their vision of Darth Vader. Yet, both Pattinson and Christensen have received critical acclaim for their work in their most criticized roles.

Tyler Perry is disliked for his promotion of what many blacks claim are negative stereotypes. Like Perry, Pauly Shore also crosses into negative stereotype territory and his humor rubs some people the wrong way. Yet, both men were well-received in their early years and continue to be respected in the industry.

Lastly, LaBeouf is loved for his dedication to acting and early roles. Yet, attempts to create new forms of art off-screen have been misinterpreted as “disrespectful” of other artists.