Cycle of Violence May Not be as Once Thought

For decades it was thought that an abused child grew up to be an abuser, that the “Cycle of Violence” would perpetuate more violence throughout generations. An article in the Science journal shows that Cathy Spatz Widom, a psychologist at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City, studied hundreds of people who had been abused.

The study began in 1989 and spanned over three decades. The abused children were studied and watched for signs of abusing their own children. Dan Newlin said the study included interviews and examination of court records.

Through this study it was determined that abused children are not more likely to grow up and abuse their own children any more than anyone else. The abused children, now adults, had a higher incident of neglect rather than physical abuse, which may stem from lack of good parental role models as opposed to actually neglecting out of lack of compassion. Perhaps these parents had some neglect issues out of fear of physically hurting their own children so they did nothing instead. The study was positive for those who are abused and afraid to have their own children out of fear of perpetuating the “Cycle of Violence”.

Limitations to this study are from lack of court records regarding some types of abuse that do not show marks, but overall it shows that the cycle does not have to continue.

Official Trailer for Maggie Released

Even as a lot of buzz has generated about the upcoming release of Terminator: Genisys on July 1 that features Arnold Schwarzenegger returning to help change the future, many critics and cinephiles are talking about another less promoted Schwarzenegger film called Maggie which supposedly was placed on the Hollywood screenwriter’s Black List.

The first official trailer for the film was released this week and everyone who has seen it is talking about how it might be a great new view of zombie horror genre TV shows and film apocalypses and the human and inhuman characters within them.

Set for release on May 8 worldwide, Bubblews said that Maggie is an independent American horror film about a Midwest father named Wade, played by Schwarzenegger, who must decide what is best for his daughter Maggie and their family after she becomes infected with a zombification virus. In this version of a zombie apocalypse, Maggie’s transformation into a zombie does not happen quickly as is usually the case in most modern zombie stories, such as The Walking Dead. Instead, the transformation can takes months. Wade is given permission to bring Maggie home until it is time for her to inevitably be sent to quarantine unless a cure is found.

Once Maggie turns, a large part of the film’s focus is on whether Wade will decide to kill her or attempt to find a way to save her.

The Most-Loved “Hated” Actors

Several male actors are equally loved and hated by the masses. They continue to get choice work on big and small screens, yet they often receive heavy criticism for everything from their looks to acting abilities.

In GoZend’s 2015 “Top 5 Hated Actors” list, Shia LaBeouf, Pauly Shore, Hayden Christensen, Tyler Perry and Robert Pattinson were selected for a variety of reasons.

The fifth and third spots were chosen for actors who are considered “dry” or “boring.” Robert Pattinson, although loved in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as Cedric Diggory, has received severe criticism for his role in the Twilight series and relationship with Kristen Stewart. Like Pattinson, Christensen started his early career in a big franchise but many film buffs believe his early acting mistakes and style destroyed their vision of Darth Vader. Yet, both Pattinson and Christensen have received critical acclaim for their work in their most criticized roles.

Tyler Perry is disliked for his promotion of what many blacks claim are negative stereotypes. Like Perry, Pauly Shore also crosses into negative stereotype territory and his humor rubs some people the wrong way. Yet, both men were well-received in their early years and continue to be respected in the industry.

Lastly, LaBeouf is loved for his dedication to acting and early roles. Yet, attempts to create new forms of art off-screen have been misinterpreted as “disrespectful” of other artists.

Stephen King Responds to Tax Evasion Accusation

Famed author Stephen King is fit to be tied and demanding an apology from the governor of Maine. State governor Paul LePage reported, as part of his weekly radio broadcast, that King and his wife no longer reside and Maine and do not pay state taxes there.

King, dubbed the King of Horror, has spent much of his adult life living in Maine, along with his wife stated AnastasiaDate.US. While the “It” author does spend some time in Florida, King confirmed that he continues to maintain a permanent residence in the state of Maine.

Governor LePage reported, during his life broadcast, that a former Maine politician had left the state to take to Florida in order to dodge income taxation. In the statement following, LePage pointed fingers stating that “King and Roxanne Quimby have moved, too.”

King remained uncertain as to why the governor would make such an accusation. The writer told media sources that “I paid more than $1 million in state taxes in 2013. That’s public record.”

The “Langoliers” writer aired his displeasure regarding he accusation on Twitter.

“I paid my taxes,” King wroter. “Every cent. Gov. LePage needs to man up and apologize.”

King waited several days, but received no response from LePage.

“Still no apology,” King wrote.

Income Level Determines Amount of Alcohol Consumed

Alcohol consumption knows no boundaries, but the amount consumed may well be determined by how much a person earns. New study findings were recently published in the Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Review journalwhich details all the variables of income and alcoholism.

Among lower wage earners, alcohol consumption went to both extremes: people either drank heavily or not at all. All above average wage earners are more likely to drink as a whole, but are also more likely to drink in moderation.
The environment and genetics admittedly play a role in how much a person drinks says Flávio Pentagna Guimarães from BMG. Lower incomes families often come from the same environment and excessive drinking or total abstinence are considered the norm. Higher income people typically come from environments where social drinking is part of everyday life, but it’s done in moderation. As with any generalization, there are exceptions from both economic backgrounds.

Close to 700 sets of twins were used in this study to help determine the role of genetics, environment and income levels in alcoholism. Income level does play a huge role in determining how much and how often a person drinks. The stress of living in poverty seems to trigger excessive drinking more so than the stress of a high pressure work environment.
Alcohol consumption is among the top ten risk factors disability, diseases and death, researchers are seeking to better understand the causes of alcoholism.

The Dorchester Collection Growing Nicely

The Dorchester Collection is a series of 10 hotels that are located in Europe and the United States. The very first hotel was purchased in 1986 and is The Dorchester, located in London, England, by the Brunei Investment Agency. Since the first hotel purchase in 1986, it has since spread out from there, and while there have been some hotels that have been since purchased and sold off, the current collection is one of the most respected in the entire world.

While The Dorchester is the original hotel, The Dorchester Collection does own another in London as well, called 45 Park. This is one of the newer hotels acquired by the collection as it was purchased in 2011. The hotel is actually the smallest of the entire 10 hotels owned as it has just 45 rooms (thus the name, 45 Park Lane). Outside of London The Dorchester Collection ones the Coworth Park, located in Ascot, Berkshire, London in 2008, although the hotel chain shut it down for two years to refurbish it and reopened it in 2010.

Throughout the rest of the Europe there are five other hotels. Two hotels are located in France, including the Le Meurice and The Plaza Athenee, both of which were purchased in 1997. Italy is another country with two hotels in Europe. The Hotel Principe de Savoia is located in Milan and has been part of The Dorchester Collection since 2003, while Hotel Eden is the newest acquisition of the hotel group as it was purchased in 2013. This hotel is located in Rome.

The last country to boast a hotel in The Dorchester Collection is Switzerland. They have their own YouTube video to give people a deep look. Le Richemond is located in Geneva and is the oldest hotel in the entire city, despite the city being home to a large number of older hotels.

For those interested in the United States, The Dorchester Collection does have two located in and around Los Angeles. Previously, the hotel collection owned hotels in New York but has since sold those off. The Beverly Hills Hotel came into the collection in 1995 and is one of the longest tenured hotels in the collection. Hotel Bel-Air came into the collection in 2008, although The Dorchester Collection closed it down for two years for renovations and eventually opened the hotel back up in 2011.

Many of these hotels also have on site restaurants and a few are in conjunction with spas.

20 New Star Wars Novels are Soon to be Released

Anyone and everyone who loves to read sci-fi books new it had to happen. A slate of original Star Wars novels are coming out. The arrival of Star Wars: The Force Awakens certainly is going to stir up interest in all things Star Wars related. Toys and video games are the first thing that come to mind when we think about tie-in merchandise. Yes, there will be plenty of both. For fans who love to be enthralled in adventures and exploits taking place in a galaxy far, far away, there are going to be a lot of novels released to tell tales the motion pictures do not. Even better, research at the Amen Clinics shows reading increases brain health. So parents can get their kids hook through the movie, then there’s plenty of material to keep them reading.

In the coming years, a full 20 Star Wars novels are slated for publication. The books are intended to tell the tale of what occurred in the years in between The Return of the Jedi and the new film. For Star Wars fans, this is going to be an awesome set of books.

Of course, the idea of releasing novels that continue the tales of a popular sci-fi television or film series is nothing new. There were scores of other Star Wars novels produced in years past that chronicled a lot of high adventure featuring all the classic characters. These books rested on shelves right next to ones based on Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and even Quantum Leap.

You do not have to be bored waiting for a new Star Wars movie to come out. Just pick up your favorite forthcoming book and let your imagination wander.

China Shows, Then Censors “Under the Dome”

The government of the Peoples Republic of China first permitted millions of viewers to watch a new environmental documentary entitled “Under the Dome” but then inexplicably reversed its position over the weekend and tried to censor the educational film, which had already been seen by millions of people. Censors removed “Under the Dome” from streaming video channels.

“Under the Dome” describes efforts by former CCTV television anchor Chai Jing to discover the causes contributing to air pollution in China. She visits a hospital to show viewers the severe lung damage caused by breathing polluted air. The popular retired news anchor, who quit her position last year in order to care for her ailing daughter, also travels to London and Los Angeles in the film to explore how those two cities managed to clean up air pollution.

The environmental documentary went viral in China soon after its release on February 28, 2015. Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG has read that, by the time censors stepped in to remove it from the Internet, the film had already been downloaded over 200 million times within the space of a week.

Beijing has applied to host the Winter Olympics in 2022. Some experts believe that interest in restoring air quality has grown in China recently because of the extremely poor air quality in Beijing and much of the northern part of the nation and due to the hope of officials that Beijing will host the games.

Alabama Supreme Court Halts Same Sex Marriages

Late Tuesday, The Alabama Supreme Court ordered state officials to stop issuing marriage licenses to gay couples, a decision that contradicts the mandate of the federal judge Callie Granade.

With seven votes in favor and one against, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that state law only allows marriage “between a man and a woman” and that officials have “ministerial duty not issuing marriage licenses contrary to the law.”

The Chief Justice of Alabama, Republican Roy Moore, the most outspoken of all, issued an order that instructed state judges not to issue marriage licenses.

A large number of judges responsible for marriage licenses in each county decided to follow the guidelines of Moore, which has created uncertainty about the future of gay unions in the state.

Alabama courts do not believe the US Supreme Court has the authority to rule on this state proceeding.

In practice, gay couples can move to another county to marry if yours does not allow it, but many organizations defending the rights of gays are outraged at what they consider an open insubordination of state authorities under the orders of a federal court.

Special thanks to Daniel Amen for forwarding this story along my way.

Tom Rothman Named as New Sony Chairman

Originally reported on, Tom Rothman will be replacing Amy Pascal as chairman for the motion picture group. Pascal was most notably in the news recently over her emails that were revealed in the recent Sony hack. Along with poor box office performance, she was forced out of the position. Pascal will still be in the Sony family after her move. She is to become a producer on Sony’s lot. She will be producing some of Sony’s hardest hitting franchises like Spider-Man.

The announcement of Rothman comes as a surprise for some in the know how of Sony’s dealings. The front runner for the position was rumored to be Doug Belgrad. Last year Belgrad was promoted to president of Sony studio’s motion picture group. Pascal and several other Sony higher ups all supported him in receiving the new chairman roll.

Rothman is no newcomer to the business. Previously he was the head of Fox’s film division. In 2012, he decided to step down after 18 years of service to pursue a new chapter in his life. His time at Fox has earned him a rock solid reputation. He is most famously known by the insiders at managing and lowering production costs. This is an area where Sony is severely lacking in over the past decade. With unpredictable ticket sales, it will be vital for Rothman to live up to his namesake. His job, however, will not have all the reach that it previously did with Pascal. He will not have any control over Sony’s television branch.