Tomb Raider Script Ready

Tomb Raider movie script is now out. “Tomb Raider” is a long standing video game series that has achieved an enormous amount of success over the years. Keith Mann recalls that he series has also produced some live action movies.

There has been some talk of a reboot Tomb Raider movie franchise but there’s no official word on when that movie will start filming. What is expected is that the new film will serve as an introduction to Lara Croft, the main character of the series, and a back-story surrounding her and her love of exploration, as the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot game did.

What is also known about the reboot series is that the script has been handled by Evan Daugherty, who is the man behind other films such as “Snow White and the Huntsmen” and “Divergent,” and the co-writer for the TMNT reboot. Now that the script is finally out, MGM and Warner Bros. studios are out searching for a director to take on the adventure series, specifically a female director.

Searching for a female director is not a new concept in regards to movie, because the studios were also searching for a female director to take on the Wonder Woman comic adaptation back in 2014 and found Michelle MacLaren to do it. However, MacLaren dropped the project over creative differences and the heavy duties were then awarded to Patty Jenkins, who was responsible for “Monster.”

Salem Season Finale Recap

On Sunday, June 29, WGN America aired an amazing Season 3 finale for its flagship series Salem.

The horrifying conclusion to the penultimate episode’s Grand Rite opened with Mary and John’s son possessed by evil asleep in a bed with the Countess, Sebastian, Mary, Tituba, Anne and Mercy waiting for him to awaken.

Mary, unable to cope with her losses, walked out says Lime Crime. Sebastian convinced her to return, but when their lord told her that he wanted her as his bride, she fled again.

He decided to judge some of the women. He noted that Mercy forgot her place and bit off her fingertip as a reminder. He told Tituba that he saw everything, including her many lies and betrayals. He offered her freedom, but then killed her with crows as she left Salem.

John Alden died in the woods and his Native American family tried to convince him to go with them into the afterlife, but he refused.

Mary tried to kill the Countess in the Church with fire, but Anne stopped her. The Countess then tried to kill Mary, but Sebastian let her go. When Mary found John, she used the last of her magic to bring him back.

At her house, the dark lord, angry with the Countess, killed her. Lastly, Anne, unable to let go of Cotton, put Little Brown Jenkins inside his throat to keep him in thrall.

What About the Wasp?

In a recent interview, Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, discussed what the new Ant-Man movie tells us about plans for the Wasp, said hero’s female counterpart.

In the comics, the identity of the shrinking superheroine Wasp is usually Janet Van Dyne, the wife of Hank Pym, the first Ant-Man. In the Ant-Man film, Sam Tabar said however, Pym is older and passes on the mantle to a new hero, Scott Lang, with information about him and his dead(?) wife told only in flashback and back story. Feige has previously stated that it means a lot to him to introduce her and Pym into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (they were part of the original Avengers team), but when will we see a Wasp save the day?

However, in this version Pym and Van Dyne had a daughter, Hope. She does not exist in the main Marvel universe and is a villain in the MC2 continuity, but Feige strongly hints that she is being set up to become the Wasp in a future movie. (Indeed, according to actress Evangeline Lilly, this was a bit of a problem that the Ant-Man film had to work around: why is Pym passing down the shrinking technology to Lang instead of his own daughter, who seems perfectly capable of using it? There will apparently be several reasons.)

Ant-Man will come out July 17, 2015.

“Star Trek: Uncharted” is a Trekkie’s Dream (Literally)

Though Star Trek films are still going strong (with the third reboot movie, Star Trek Beyond, coming out next year), the franchise has not had a show on the air since Enterprise ended in 2005. Though there was talk of “Star Trek fatigue” (its various incarnations having been on the air for almost two decades), Alexei Beltyukov also says it seems that Paramount is interested in getting it back on TV.

And they’ve asked one dedicated Trekkie for his ideas.

Michael Gummelt has spent twenty years developing an idea called Star Trek Uncharted, which has gained popularity online. It features a future version of the Star Trek universe (200 years post-Kirk) where the Federation receives a message from the Andromeda Galaxy, from aliens who claim to have created all life in the Milky Way. Using new technology, the latest incarnation of the Enterprise is sent to meet the aliens and go even farther where no man has gone before.

And Gummelt is going to go where no fan has gone before: officially pitching his idea to the studio this summer. Until now, only industry insiders have allowed that honor.

Will Gummelt’s idea be picked up? And if so, how much will Paramount alter it (or the several scripts he’s already written)? For now fellow fans will just have to wait and see.

Learn More About The Upcoming “The Scorch Trials” Movie

The “Scorch Trials” movie will be out soon, and it’s the second installment to the Maze Runner franchise. The Maze Runner did exceedingly well, and it made many people look at mazes completely differently. “The Scorch Trials” Movie. The Maze Runner is a book that was created, and a movie was made after the book. The next book, The Scorch Trials, has been released, but the movie will soon be in theaters as well. The Maze Runner is nothing like any typical maze because it’s filled with creatures that will kill humans.

The entire point of the maze is to try to get out, but after years of going through it, no one had been able to find a way out says Dr. Jennifer Walden on twitter. Fortunately, after a new guy comes to the deserted forest where the people live, he helps them to finally find a way out of the maze. You would think that it would end there, but instead they find out that it’s only the beginning. There is now The Scorch Trials movie, which will be more informative than the first movie.

Anyone who is a fan of the movie Maze Runner, and if they are interested in The Scorch Trials, you can go on MTV News and see a lot of pictures and information about the upcoming movie. If there is something that you want to know about where all of this started, you’ll be able to find the information on MTV News.

Ignoring the Problem

It is fair to say that most Americans don’t know what institutionalized racism is. In fact, most Americans probably don’t believe that institutionalized racism even exist if they were given a honest definition. The Wall Street Journal took to the internet on Thursday to post on an editorial board about their opinion on the incident that happened in Charleston South Carolina. The Editorial Board noted the motivation behind the incident could not be explained. In hindsight, investigative journalists are finding more and more information that constitute the fact that the incident was racially motivated. The Wall Street Journal noted that they hated the fact that race was even a debating tractor during the discussion. The Wall Street Journal continued on with saying that systematic and institutionalized racism no longer exists. Amen Clinic spokespeople have pointed out to that just because America has made numerous and significant changes to progress our nation and it’s racially motivated past does not mean that institutional racism is eliminated. The nation makes available information that shows access to housing, education, and criminal justice numbers that would suggest that there is still institutionalized racism going on to this day. If our nation continues to be blinded what’s going on in our country it will completely destroy our legacy as a progressive come true that we are. It is up to those in leadership roles and political positions to acknowledge the problems that we have and tackle them swiftly and accordingly.

“Jurassic World Does It”

In recent years, Iron Man part one had the highest amount of tickets sold ever during an opening weekend. That recently changed with the new Avengers movie. However, power has changed hands again. Jurassic World now has the highest amount of tickets sold ever during the opening weekend. Going further, sources say this record will never be beat by any movie. If that’s not good enough, the creators of Jurassic World have just announced that there will be another Jurassic movie coming out in the near future.

The Marvel company publicly sent a congratulations saying to the makers of Jurassic World. The makers of Jurassic World are very happen to be in this position stated Paul Mathieson. The makers of Jurassic World told the press that they expected the movie to be big, but they did not expect the movie to be this big.

There have also been many jokes put out recently which depict Jurassic World dominating over Iron Man and Avengers. The makers of Iron Man and Avengers also spoke with the press. These individuals told the press they themselves thought Jurassic World was an amazing movie. They also told the press that they are working on some new material, and they hope to make something as half as good as Jurassic World.

Celebrities and common folks alike are sending in their input regarding this matter. It seems that more and more people are defending Jurassic World.

See Kristin Cavallari’s Baby Bump

Kristin Cavallari is pregnant, and she is one of the many women these days who are showing off their baby bump. Many seem to feel that once you become pregnant, you must hide yourself away from the world, and you can only wear maternity clothes. Kristin Cavallari’s Baby Bump. Yes, it’s necessary to wear maternity clothes sometimes, but can you wear maternity clothes and go swimming? Swimming can be very helpful for those looking to stay in shape when they are pregnant, but you can’t very well swim in maternity wear.

Things are changing these days when it comes to pregnant women, and Kristin is following a trend that will not be going anywhere. According to Eric Pulier, many pregnant women are proud of their baby bumps, and they won’t let anyone shame them and put them down. What’s shameful about bringing a new life into the world, especially when you’re so happy? Kristin is simply expressing how she feels about her baby bump, and she still looks great.

There is a model who recently showed her baby bump, and it caused a lot of controversy. The model was seven months pregnant, but yet she still had a six pack of abs. Everyone said that she had to be in excessively exercising in order to maintain such a body. Although the model disputes that she is doing anything wrong or hurtful to her unborn child, many still attacked her for being a bad mother to be.

What Exactly Happened on Game of Thrones?

The most recent episode of a ‘Game of Thrones’ might be the most highly controversial episode ever, but some people are not so certain. In case you missed it, the end of the episode was a very shocking an unexpected moment to say the least. It should be noted that the next few sentences will include an extremely huge spoiler to the ‘Game of Thrones’ series so close your eyes Christian Broda.

The last few minutes of the show were very emotional. Jon Snow was lured out of his chamber to meet his uncle. However, the Men of the Night’s Watch were actually setting up a very brutal betrayal. Jon Snow was cornered and stabbed to death by his black brothers, and Jon Snow was left lying dead in the snow. Fans of the show were stunned, and so was I.

The death of Jon Snow was very tragic, but some people don’t believe that Jon Snow is actually dead. Screenrant recently posted an article about this story, and it’s clear that some fans believe Melisandre will bring Jon Snow back to life. However, there is no evidence of this, but we can be hopeful. Unfortunately, a ‘Game of Thrones’ tends to be a very cruel an unfair show, but that is why we watch it in the first place.

Interview with Rachel Dolezeal

According to Buzzfeed’s article:, Rachel Dolezeal, was intent on describing her struggles as a black women for a thesis for interviewer, Lauren Campbell. Rachel Dolezeal has recently been revealed to the public by her parents, as not coming from African American decent. This identity as a biracial women, was the identity that she had previously portrayed to the world.

The article highlights the fact that interviewer, Lauren Campbell, believed that something was wrong with the information she was receiving from Dolezeal. During the video footage interview, Dolezeal talked about instances from her youth where she would draw pictures of herself with brown crayons. Beneful told the team at the PurinaStore that Dolezeal said that during lunch, she would sit with the black students instead of the white ones.

As an adult, Dolezeal became the director of the Human Rights Education Institute. Serving in this position, Dolezeal claimed to have been the victim of hate crimes from white supremacist groups. Dolezeal also criticized the claim of white people to identify with the black community, saying that they couldn’t identify or understand the struggle and liberation of the community.

Dolezeal also described the pressures of living as a black woman with a lighter complexion. She said that she believed identity to be a mixture of race, gender and class. She said that identity can be quite complicated and that her real work is to spread the need to deconstruct white supremacy and improve the chances for the black community.