Dr. Rod Rohrich’s Many Honors Show His Commitment to Plastic Surgery

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a nationally recognized plastic surgeon whose honors speak widely of his reputation and of his commitment to others. He is also recognized for his ability to provide a level of medical care that other physicians have difficulty matching.

Born in North Dakota, Rohrich graduated from the Baylor College of Medicine, in Houston, and completed his residency training at the University of Michigan Medical School, located in Ann Arbor. He also completed medical fellowships at Massachusetts General Hospital, in Boston, and at England’s famed Oxford University. In 1986, he joined the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, in Dallas, and five years later became chairman of the school’s Department of Plastic Surgery. Holding this post until 2014, he still serves as a distinguished professor in the same department. Additionally, he has served on the Betty and Warren Woodward Chair in the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the university.

The honors bestowed upon Rohrich have been both numerous and sustained over a period of time. He was named as one of the best doctors in his home city of Dallas from 1996 through 2015 and, during most of those same years, as one of the best doctors in the United States. In 2015, he was recognized by Castle Connelly’s Top Doctor Program as one of the best plastic surgeons in the country, an honor that was based on input from more than 50,000 physicians and others employed in the health industry. Having served as president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), Rohrich has twice received the Plastic Surgery Foundation Distinguished Service Award, which is considered the highest honor in the field.

In addition to his medical practice, Rohrich has been extensively involved in clinical research for the purpose of improving safety and effectiveness in the areas of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. His dedication to the field is further reflected in the hundreds of textbooks and individual articles he has written on the subject. He also serves as the editor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, which is known as the official journal of the ASPS. A participant in numerous organizations concerned with the advancement of plastic and reconstructive surgery, Rohrich is known to the general public through his appearances on such television programs as “The View” and “Good Morning America.”

Married to a fellow plastic surgeon, Dr. Diane Gibby, Rohrich and his wife have two children.

About Rorich

The Innovative Unfranchise Business Market America

Market America, which has been coined as an unfranchise business, was formed in 1992 in the North Carolina city of Greensboro. As the business gained popularity over the years, other offices were opened up in both the U.S. and internationally in places like Canada, Mexico, Australia, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. The reason why it is called an unfranchise business is because it enables its independent distributors to earn residual income in a way that will be of little risk to them, being that there are no franchise fees involved, and the start up costs are low.

Independent shop consultants can begin working with Market America on a part-time basis, and can choose the hours they want to work. There are no restrictions on the territories they can operate in, nor are there any monthly royalties to pay. The 2 ways that a Market America associate can earn money are, through a web portal where they can service the needs of between 10 to 15 of their preferred customers, or customers who buy from the business regularly, and through a sales organization that they and other Market America distributors can create.

Market America offers products from popular brands in the health and nutrition category, as well as cosmetics, weight management, and home and garden items. Those who want to become an unfranchise owner are required to follow a very detailed plan when it comes to managing their web portal. All of the products, services, marketing materials and distributions are provided by the company, and in order to allow the sales consultants to be able to focus on servicing their customers, the company also handles most of the paperwork involved with running the business.

There are several events that are held every year by Market America, some of them being at the leadership schools the business has in Singapore and Hong Kong. Jim Windler is the Vice President of Sales for the business, and he gives the unfranchise owners motivational speeches at these events. He’s said that having the right attitude plays a large role in managing an unfranchise business.

James Dondero – Expert Financial Investory and Philanthropist

With over 30 years of experience in the credit and equity markets, James Dondero definitely understands the importance of the financial business structure. He is currently serving as the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management which is an investment company that offers many solutions to institutional and retail investors. They currently have approximately $14.9 billion in assets that reside under many affiliates. Some of the affiliates are Acis Capital Management (CLOs), NexPoint Advisors, NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund, NexPoint Capital and NexPoint Residential Trust. Their award-winning products have prompted a 5-star designation for Global Allocation in 2014 by Morningstar. They also received the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities and the top ranked Healthcare Long/Short Equity Fund.

Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce in 1984. Within the same year, he started working as an analyst while earning his degree in Accounting and Finance. He graduated with honors and also holds a certification as a Certified Management Accountant in addition to a Chartered Financial Analyst. Shortly after graduating from college, he started working for American Express in 1985. His official title was a Corporate Bond Analysis. He then went on to become a Portfolio Manager in 1989 working with $1 billion in fixed income funds. Prior to co-founding Highland Capital, Dondero became the Chief Investment Officer of Protective Life’s GIV which was founded in 1989. Under Dondero’s leadership the subsidiary grew rapidly to $2 billion in assets.

Dondero has made a point to stay active in the community along with his business ventures. He currently serves as the Chairman of the board of NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical and NexPoint. He has also taken a keen interest in American Banknote and MGM Studios, which he has played a role in the board for those entities for many years. He is also an avid supporter to many different charitable activities such as the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute, Perot Museum of Natural Science, Snowball Express, Uplift, Education is Freedom and many more. Dondero has taken great pride and efforts in his career along with his role in philanthropy, and will continue to do so in the future.

Rocketship Education: Believing in Every Kids Potential

Rocketship Education is an educational institution founded in 2007 which focuses on the potential of its students and how they can be developed. The school originated as a small community institution which later grew and now has expanded into eighteen branches. Rocketship Education currently administers twelve schools in California, one school in Wisconsin, three schools in Tennessee, and two schools in Washington, D.C. Rocketship Education does not uphold the traditional way of learning, but they diversified into new methods of how children can gain knowledge.

Rocketship Education considers itself as a big family involving the students, teachers, parents, and the community itself. They are wanted to change the future for the better, so they invest with children and teaching them the things that they have to learn to make the world a better place. Rocketship Education has five primary characteristics, and each of these features is molding the children to become a better person. The first aspect is becoming authentic. They believe that being transparent would influence everyone to develop their honesty, and it would positively affect every decision that a child makes. Next would be interacting and understanding the community – because Rocketship Education knows that by expanding their influence to the community, it would help the children understand how they should live. It also helps the school attain their goals in educating the children and helping them show their full potential. The next characteristic would be tenacity, which tells that one should never surrender and they have to keep on trying. Perseverance is a great trait that they teach to the children, letting them know how it would help them in the future. Rocketship Education also believes in innovation and development and would like their students to keep on pursuing excellence.

With the traits that the school has, they know that they can influence the children into becoming responsible adults in the future. Rocketship Education also invested in teachers that would help shape the children to prepare them for tomorrow. With the system and model that the Rocketship Education is promoting, parents are becoming encouraged to send their child to Rocketship Schools so that they can be successful later in life.

How CEO Rick Smith Has Been Building Securus Technologies Reach

Securus Technologies has invested in growth for the last number of years. One of their ways of doing this is by acquiring other companies. In 2015 they acquired JPay Inc. which is a company that provides technology to correctional facilities. Among these are email, electronic payments, as well as educational and entertainment apps. What they offer fits in nicely with Securus Technologies existing technology also used in correctional facilities.

As the top executive at Securus Technologies, Chief Executive Officer Rick Smith talked about this acquisition of JPay. He said that what JPay does is the fastest growing element in contracts with correctional facilities. He said that after the acquisition his company could offer prisons and jails every type of technology they need in order to be a modern day facility. He continued, saying that his company offered the best products at the best prices which helped the ultimate goal which was a reduction in crime and recidivism.

Ryan Shapiro is the CEO of JPay. He said that his products offered a great value and he looked forward to expanding the number of correctional facilities their products and services are used in. At the time of the acquisition, JPay products were used in 33 state prison systems. Securus Technologies, though, serves more than 2,600 correctional facilities. The combination of the two companies will greatly help JPay products reach a wider audience.

As CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith takes customer comments about his company seriously. He says his company has a duty to reduce crime and keep people safer. He has released some of the thousands of comments his company has received over the past few years. The feedback details how his company’s products are used to keep prisons safer as well as not only prevent crime but also solve it when it does occur.

Securus Technologies helps keep everyone more secure which includes prison staff, the incarcerated, their families, and the broader community. The letters that Rick Smith released show that his company’s efforts have been paying off in this effort. It also shows that safety is one of the core values of Securus Technologies.

Before arriving at Securus Technologies, Rick Smith spent years in the telecommunications industry. He holds a degree in engineering which he acquired at the State University of New York at Buffalo. He also has a masters, earned at the same college, and an MBA from the University of Rochester.

The first company that Rick Smith worked for was Global Crossing North America Inc., which he joined in 1972. He left this telecommunications company in 1998 when he became the CFO at Eschelon Telecom Inc. It was in 2014 that he joined Securus Technologies as their top executive.

Finding Good Make Up Products With Lime Crime

In the fashion and beauty industry, there is a lot of room for innovation and uniqueness. The only thing about fashion and make up is that a lot of companies are playing it safe. It seems like everyone is afraid to leave convention. While fashion and beauty can be considered an art, it has been met with a lot of companies that have been playing it safe. While they are selling enough products, they are not really addressing all of the unique needs of each customer. Therefore, people are often ashamed to step outside of their fashion comfort zone. Even those that are willing to test the limits are not able to try anything unique because of lack of availability.

Fortunately, Doe Deere is one of the business owners that are always willing to bring forth something new. Her company, Lime Crime is designed to reach out to all of the artistic and unique souls with the hopes of trying something new. Beyond all of the different colors, Lime Crime offers products that are very high in quality and safe for use. Therefore, women that are bored of the conventional views of beauty can try something new and exciting.

One of the best ways to push the fashion and beauty industry forward is by pushing and even crossing boundaries. At the same time, there is a way to pull that off. Doe Deere has taken the time to present the best methods of pushing the boundaries. While she has tried on different colors of make up and hair dye, she has done it in a way that makes it look very neat. She has also shown that people can look good with plenty of different types of make up. Lime Crime shows that beauty does not have to be so limited and boring.


Read more about Lime Crime: https://www.myunidays.com/US/en-US/partners/limecrime/view/online

NuoDB: Database technology

NuoDB is a company that specializes in cloud database technology for several companies and organizations. NuoDB provides a cloud database for employees to access data used every day while completing tasks. NuoDB was Founded in 2008 in Cambridge, Massachusetts by Barry S. Morris, and Jim Starkey.

NuoDB helps companies connect and access information in a short amount of time with ease. You can go the NuoDB site and actually download the software for yourself for personal use or for business use. There also ways on the site to try the software before you buy it. I would suggest watching the demo that can be located on the top right of the NuoDB site. This video will walk you through what the cloud database is and exactly what it does. There are also webinars for even more information. The website will provide you with system requirements your computer will need to download the cloud database.

The Fabletics Brand Grows as More Brick and Mortar Stores Open

Fabletics is definitely one of the hottest brands around. This company has been able to change the world for so many consumers that are interested in high quality clothing that is also comfortable. Kate Hudson is a middle-aged entrepreneur and she is connecting the dots in marketing to young, middle-aged and older customers. She has this knack for attracting a wide spectrum of female consumers because she knows how to play all the angles.


The older crowd that she is attracting is still interested in print media and television ads. For this crowd she connects to them through these methods. There is another crowd, a much younger crowd, that connects to the Fabletics brand through social media. For this Kate Hudson utilizes Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to connect these customers to her website. Kate Hudson also realizes that there are many consumers that are older that do not even shop online. It is for these consumers that she makes plans to open new stores.


Right now this may be her biggest goal. She has already saturated the market for people that are trying to shop online. She knows that she has done a great job with tackling the millennial crowd because she has been so very well connected to a large number of people that are interested in this brand. Hudson knows that after she saturated her online crowd that she would have to make a move and connect more people to physical brick-and-mortar stores. This is what she has managed to do by connecting with Fabletics. This is something that is extraordinary when it comes to the work ethic and the marketing strategy that Kate Hudson has in mind.


She has found a way to actually connect a large number of consumers to this type of home. Kate Hudson is doing her best to bring forth a whole new line of athletic clothing that caters to the female consumer. She has done a great job in building a brand that is very enticing. People that are trying to add style to their workout wardrobe will thank Kate Hudson for make making their journey to style easier. The website has a lifestyle quiz for everyone that wants to become more connected to customized style.


She has been adamant about connecting with a wide spectrum, and the more than 100 stores that will be in existence in the next 5 years is proof positive that she is trying to reach people on a global level. Everyone that has seen Kate Hudson at work is able to rest assured that she is someone that is all about the customer experience. Hudson is creating a brand where people can be proud of the clothes that they’re working out in. They have access to comfortable clothing, and it’s joyful for most of these consumers to check the website because new clothes are always being added weekly. Kate explores this opportunity as one to engage in reverse showrooming for brick-and-mortar customers who visit the website.

Can Lifeline Screening Give You a Peek Into the Future?

It is an unfortunate reality that many people fall ill during their lifetime. In the past, many people have simply had to deal with their illness, either undergoing rigorous treatment or succumbing to it. The only way to know for sure that you had a disease or ailment was to find out after the fact. In order to stay healthy and happy, many people try to take preventative measures to get an upper hand against disease. These measures, if not trustworthy or accurate, may be costly or may simply present a false sense of security.

This is where Lifeline Screening can help. Lifeline Screening is a business that focuses on giving people information about their potential risks when it comes to diseases. Formed in 1993 and based in Austin, Texas, Lifeline community-based screening for anyone who is curious about their risks in the future. Screening for potential diseases in the future can bring peace of mind and can help people prepare for the future so that they are able to survive and thrive through any problems that may arise.

In our uncertain economic times, the most unfortunate thing that can happen to a person an unexpected disease. This can be costly and can cripple financially. Preparing for any kinds of diseases or ailments that may happen in the future can save a great deal of money and can be an effective way to eliminate problems before they become too big to handle. This is why Lifeline Screening is such a great option for any adult that may be curious about what they are susceptible to. Lifeline Screening tests for many different kinds of diseases and uses rigorous screening methods in order to get you the most accurate information possible.

If you are someone who is wondering what you are genetically pre-disposed to or curious as to what kinds of diseases or ailments you may encounter in the future, Lifeline Screening may help put your mind at ease. Let Lifeline Screening help you prepare and eliminate any problems that may arise in the future and help keep you and your loved ones financially safe and secure.

Learn More: https://twitter.com/Life_Line

Osteo Relief Institute in America

Of the more than 100 types of Arthritis in existence today, Osteoarthritis is diagnosed more than the others. There isn’t a cure for osteoarthritis, a degenerative disease that causes the breakdown of the joints in the body. Individuals suffering from osteoarthritis know all-too-well how painful battling the condition can be. Luckily, treatment options are out there for patients who want to regain their life without constant aches and pains interfering.


Osteo Relief Institute is a Denver medical center that focuses their services on osteoarthritis and treatment for patients experiencing the devastating effects of the condition (https://www.osteoreliefinstitute.com/contact/). At Osteo Relief Institute, you can choose from the latest and best treatment options, all implementing state-of-the-art technology that gets the results that you want (Release Fact).


Is Osteoarthritis Affecting You?


Osteoarthritis is a form of Arthritis that causes the cartilage between the joints to wear down. It is a degenerative disease, with stiffness, swelling, and an array of other unwanted side effects. It is pretty simple to self-diagnose osteoarthritis due to the symptoms that it brings. Symptoms of osteoarthritis include:


Stiffness in the joints, particularly in the morning when you get out of bed

Limited range of motion

Cracking or clicking noise when bending

Swelling around the joints

Pain that increases at the end of the day


Although older individuals are most commonly affected by osteoarthritis, the condition is one that can impact an individual of any age. Additionally, osteoarthritis is more commonly diagnosed in women, but thousands of men also suffer from the condition.


Top-Notch Osteoarthritis Care in Denver


Osteo Relief Institute provides care for men and women who are battling osteoarthritis. Caring, compassionate medical staff understands the trials and tribulations you’re experiencing with this condition affecting your life. They go above and beyond to ensure your needs are cared for from start to finish.


ORC is open 6-days per week to provide care for those in and near the Denver area who are battling osteoarthritis. With this team of medical professionals providing

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