The Super Bowl Spot for Terminator: Genisys Debuts


New threat, new mission, and new fate are the words that proudly and boldly emanate from the trailer for the new Terminator film. Terminator: Genisys returns Arnold Schwarzenegger to the role the helped make him more famous. (People are revising history a bit to say The Terminator was his breakout role. We all know that Conan the Barbarian is the film that made him a major star) The film clearly shows that the original Terminator has aged. Arnold is sporting a lot of gray hair. He still looks pretty imposing though.

Emilia Clarke is the new Sarah Conner and she looks suitable tough in the role. The sleeveless shirts she wears show off all the hard work she put into getting into tip-top fighting shape. She and the Arnold have a lot of their work cut out for them. A younger Terminator T-800 and a new Terminator T-1000 are on their tails.

The trailer is currently online and it will also debut during the Super Bowl said Lee Slaughter. Interestingly, Kyle Reese does not show up in the trailer and there is no mention this reboot is not connected to the other films in the Terminator series. The original teaser trailer that came out clearly did show point out these plot points.

Honestly, it might not matter much since fans are going to thrilled to see Schwarzenegger in his classic role once again. The film isn’t exactly short on action so fans won’t be disappointed.

FreedomPop Offers Diversity For People With Several Mobile Devices

I’m a person who likes to use different mobile devices, and pretty much anything that can get on the internet. I have a hobby, where I take pictures while on the go, and upload them to my social media accounts, and I really enjoy doing it. I started getting enough followers on my account, where I decided to start to try and earn a profit. I’ve had so many people following my work, that I make a healthy profit each month. I need good internet access while I’m on the road, as well as while I’m at home.

The internet company that I was with, was charging me too much money, and all I was doing was uploading pictures each month. One month I got a bill for $55, and the next month my bill went up to $65 with no explanation. When I contacted the company, it turned out they had added a $10 fee for my router rental, and I was in shock and disbelief. I decided that if I had to pay for additional services through an internet company, the price should be lower than what I’m paying now. I did some searching, and I came across the company FreedomPop.

FreedomPop has been amazing since I switched to them, because I was able to start out by getting free internet. I set up a network that I could use when I was at home, and I even got a hotspot to use too, which fit right in my pocket. The FreedomPop hotspots are amazing, and I now have internet everywhere that I go. If I’m at home, I have my internet there, and if I’m on the road, I can still use my FreedomPop internet. I have a tablet, a laptop, and I also have a cell phone, and I use all of them on my wireless network.

I even began making more money since joining FreedomPop, because I’m able to go more places and have internet access, so I can still upload my pictures to my social media sites. I have the FreedomPop app on my phone (available on both iTunes and Google Play) that locates their existing hotspots in businesses which saves me a bunch of time. I’m very excited about my earning potential in the future, and a lot of it is thanks to joining FreedomPop. I decided to transfer my phone over to FreedomPop as well, which was very helpful to save me money each month. I get free phone calls and text messages on my phone, and I can add more minutes and text messages at any time.

Jonathan Veitch: Bio of an Educational Leader

Jonathan Veitch became the 15th president to take the helms of Occidental College on 1st July, 2009. The ex-dean of The New School, Veitch has been forefront supporter for non-interventionist arts education.

While at Occidental, Veitch came up with a new incorporated strategic scheduling procedure with an aim of making the chart of the Occidental’s future better, strengthened the social engagement of the college, its arts programs, and also worldwide learning programs, and attempted to create fresh mutual undertakings with top cultural organizations located in Southern parts of California. In Veitch’s headship, Occidental College finished the construction work of the latest Samuelson Alumni Center plus the restoration and extension of the Swan Hall that actually has 98 years since it was constructed and holds at least 30% of Oxy’s faculty. Interior overhauls to the notable Johnson Hall building are also going on, and the hall is planned to offer shelter for the new “McKinnon Family Center for Politics and Global Affairs”, additionally, the lower section of the Johnson Student Center is as well undergoing renovations due to the financial aid given by Rose Hills Foundation. A 1 MW solar power system that has been assembled on the ground- one of the greatest projects of this kind in L .A. – has been established within the College, and is going to produce almost 11% of the annual power consumption of this Occidental College.

An indigenous of Los Angeles and also Stanford University graduate, Veitch attained his PhD degree with a specialization in “History of American Civilization” from Harvard. Mr. Veitch lectured in the English unit at University of Wisconsin, Madison before shifting to The New School. Veitch tutored in the department of History and Literature as an Assistant professor. His services consisted of times as the chairman of humanities and also associate provost ahead of his 5-year time as dean where Veitch endeavored so much in the expansion of Lang’s magnitude plus its scope so that the college could be in a position to benefit from its rank as a city freethinking arts learning institution.

Veitch has also authored the award-winning “American Superrealism”: “Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930s.” Veitch’s academic concentrations include 19th – and 20th – century American literature as well cultural accounts, in addition to American film. His new study has specialized in the accounts of tertiary education in USA. Jonathan Vetch, and his nuclear family reside in Wallis Annenberg, which is the President’s residence in Occidental College.

Christopher Cowdray – Leader of the Dorchester Collection

Christopher Cowdray became the CEO of the Dorchester Collection of hotels in 2007. Since then he has been applying his managerial experience to the chain which manages 10 hotels all of which are luxury 5 star properties. He is a native Zimbabwean who studied both in his home country and at Columbia University. Under his leadership, the Dorchester Collection has thrived and continues to be a top luxury hotel operator.

Cowdray has the privilege of managing the following properties: The Dorchester, The Beverly Hills Hotel, Plaza Athénée, Hotel Meurice, Principe di Savoia, Hotel Bel-Air, Coworth Park, 45 Park Lane, Le Richemond and Hotel Eden. These hotels have managed to maintain their exclusive individuality while being gathered under the Dorchester Collection index. Many of the properties have undergone renovations in order to keep them in line with the standard that is expected of the Dorchester Collection.

One of Cowdray’s principles is that each hotel must maintain its uniqueness. This means that the interiors vary from hotel to hotel and they are not outfitted the same as some franchises would have. He has stated that there is a sizable amount of time put into the decorating process so that each property can have an energy corresponding to the city in which it resides. The other pillar of the Dorchester Colllection’s principles is top notch service. Cowdray insures that employees take customer feedback very seriously to insure that the bar is ever increasing and that customers are completely satisfied with their stay.

Cowdray has leveraged technology to do away with the print directories that can be found in the majority of properties. Ipads have been put in place at a couple of the properties. This streamlines changes so that editing the text does not require a physical reprint of all directories. It also attracts the younger clientele who are generally well acquainted with Ipads and similar products.

Dogs Love Beneful!

Beneful by Purina is one of the most popular dog food brands on the market today and includes wet and dry food as well as dog treats. The commercials are everywhere with cute and cuddly dogs exhibiting spunky personalities anxiously waiting for their favorite food or treat.

After a decade on the market, Beneful has ascended to the number four spot of most purchased dog food products, grossing a whopping $1.5 billion in 2012 alone. Promoted as a nutritional blend of fruits, vegetables, meats and grains – the brand advertises the name as meaning “full of goodness.”

Beneful Dry

One of the most appealing qualities of the Beneful line of dry dog food is that it looks like dried human food with fruits and veggies. Beneful is available in a variety of flavors and is formulated to meet many different dietary needs for dogs including Healthy Weight for weight management; Healthy Smile for healthy teeth and gums and overall good oral hygiene; and Healthy Radiance which supports healthy skin and coat. Beneful also offers Healthy Growth for growing puppies as well. There is even a vegetarian formula, the Beneful Healthy Harvest line that uses soy in place of meat.

Healthy Fiesta offers added vitamin support and is rich in avocado, veggies and rice. Playful Life was created for playful and energetic dogs and is rich in oatmeal, blueberries and veggies.
Miniature and small breeds will appreciate the Beneful Incredibites which takes the original blend but reduces it to smaller bite size kibble that smaller breeds such as Pomeranians, Yorkies and Dachshunds can manage.

Beneful Wet

The Beneful line also promotes a line of wet dog food. Beneful Prepared Meals comes in a larger pre-mixed, pre-measured, resealable serving bowl and Beneful Chopped Blends which comes in a smaller size. The most appealing quality of Beneful wet dog food is that it is not the congealed hard look (or small) that other brands exhibit. Beneful wet dog food looks and smells appetizing.

As with the dry dog food, Beneful wet dog food has pieces of fruits, vegetables, gains and meats and it comes in a savory sauce that dogs love!

Beneful Snacks

What dog doesn’t love snacks? Beneful dog treats and snacks are great little rewards, can be used in training and are also helpful in maintaining good oral hygiene. In fact, Beneful has a snack line specifically formulated for brushing the dog’s teeth. The Healthy Smile Ridges and Healthy Smile Twists work to massage the dog’s teeth and gums.

How Can The NCAA Be Investigating 20 Schools?

The NCAA has recently said that it is investigating 20 schools for academic fraud. This raises many questions, but a few came to mind after discussing with Ben Shaoul

  • How do they have time when they are suspending kids for getting a free dinner or taking a phone call.
  • How do they have the time when they are busy investigating Penn State?
  • How are they going to investigate these schools all at once?
  • How pervasive is academic fraud, and how many other schools are getting away with it?

These questions alone should be enough to make us wonder what has happened to college athletics. College athletics has been all about the money for a long time, but it is clear that schools are willing to take major risks to make as much money as possible. North Carolina essentially had a fake department to accommodate student athletes. It makes one wonder what else has been done to further the win column of each school. These investigations should be a warning sign to anyone who loves college sports. Your favorite team could be the next domino to fall on this list

Who is Bruce Levenson?

Bruce Levenson known as the co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks. This individual has been featured in many magazines such as Forbes, Business Week and many more. Levenson is more than a co-owner of a NBA team. He is a business owner, having founded and co-founded many corporations and businesses.

Bruce Levenson does not just limit himself to one field of business, he doesn’t discriminate on the type of business that he owns, co-owns or has any type of involvement in. He has been doing what he does for nearly forty years, and he is quite the professional at what he does. He is a partner at UCG otherwise known as United Group communications and
has been involved with this company since the late ’70’s.

Levenson has served on the board for TechTarget and is also known as philanthropist being involved in many different foundations and organizations. Due to his position and positions with these different companies, he has been able to make significant donations to many different charities, as part of his good-willed nature.

Levenson has mentioned before, has been involved with a wide variety of companies as well as museums. One such museum that he has been involved with is the US Holocaust Museum, since his mother-in-law is a survivor of the Holocaust. He trains people to be guides and lead tours at the museum while wearing the many different hats that he does.

He is a father and husband to a beautiful wife and three sons. While attending law school, he was a journalist. He attended different colleges ranging from Washington University as well as American University where he obtained his degree in law. From Levenson’s many accomplishments, it appears that he thrives on being successful. This includes reaching out to inner city youths and providing them with an opportunity to make a difference in society just as he has.

Levenson owns a home in Atlanta as well as in Maryland and it is shared with his wife. He was born in Washington DC and grew up in the Maryland and DC area where he continues to hold close ties.

Vijay Eswaran Celebrates Ten Years Of The Sphere Of Silence

Vijay Eswaran has had a number of amazing accomplishments in his life. He has become a wildly successful businessman, and he has also also shown that he can be very charitable. Right now, he is celebrating ten years of his book “The Sphere of Silence”.

This book was written about Eswaran’s experience with ancient Hindu concepts including leadership and management. It helps readers to see some of the connections between spirituality and the world of business. The two are not often thought of in a connected way, but there is little reason to doubt that the two could go hand in hand if one wanted to put them together.

Eswaran pushes people to remember to engage in moments of silence in their life. He believes that the amazing amount of distractions that are available in our modern world are something that keeps us unnecessarily distracted. He even talks about some of the massive global problems that are are having to face in our modern century. He points to the ideas of overpopulation and global warming as major world challenges that we will have to tackle.

This man has personally been practicing the idea of inner silence since he first learned of the concept when he was a young child. It is his assertion that practicing inner silence has helped him in the world of business and has helped to create the level of success that he has had in the business realm. It is at least one explanation for why he has been able to do so well. It may not be something that everyone buys into, but there are plenty who are subscribing to the theories that Eswaran has put forward in his book. Maybe there is something to be said about what he has done to create inner strength and success.

Apparently Only Good Children Go To Heaven

Five years ago, a book was published called The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven, containing the inspirational story of a young boy who was in a car accident and had a near-death experience. But now he’s going back on his story. The boy told a fanciful tale of angels and heaven, and now he’s saying it was all a lot of baloney.

The whole affair could have more story under the surface, however. The father of the boy was the one making profits from the book. The boy’s parents are currently divorced. And the father apparently assisted the son in writing the book, so there’s no telling at this point how much of the fabrication is the father’s and how much is the son.

This could stand as an example of a child being indoctrinated from a young age into a religion. Children as young as the age of six get “converted” into being born-again Christians, then spend years listening to stories of angels and demons and spirits. Is it any wonder that they, themselves, have a hard time telling reality from fantasy? More than one expert has questioned the wisdom of exposing children to their parents’ religious views too soon, at least before the child has achieved the age of reason sufficient to think things over on their own. Lee Lovett shares his opinion on this book being pulled.

Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar has made a name for himself in New York City as a prominent attorney and capital strategist. We just reconnected on Facebook and I am really happy that he has utilized all of his big ideas and has gone forward in making an impact. I met Tabar back when his career was just beginning at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP as an Associate and later he served as “Managing Director & Co-Head of Business Development at SPARX Group Co./PMA Investment Advisors” and “Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific Region” at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. In addition to his experience in this field, he has served as a Senior Associate Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP where he addressed issues in fund formation and structure, regulatory and compliance issues, and hedge funds.

 The Foundation of His Success

Tabar is a graduate of Oxford University with honors and later, went to Columbia Law School. Here he served on the Columbia Business Law Review as the Associate Editor. After successful graduation, he joined one of the world’s most prestigious law firms, Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. At this firm, he was responsible for counseling clients on investment management agreements, employment issues, private placement memoranda, and side letters.

Sam Tabar managed all aspects of global marketing and investor relations while at PMA Investment Advisers. This $2 billion hedge fund was just one of his accomplishments. He has a Rolodex of over 2000 potentially qualified investors. In addition, he has over 400 additional investor introductions. He has helped his firm raise over $1 billion in assets by working closely with the CEO and other key members.

While at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Tabar helped his hedge fund clients with foundations, endowments, pensions, and funds of funds. With the contacts he gained from Bank of America Merrill Lynch, he was able to invest in properties and American start-ups.

 His Success With Commodities

Taber was able to achieve success with commodities also through careful research and investment. He helps clients explore the history of commodities and predict how the commodity will perform based upon the predictions. He knows how to make a safe commodity investment and avoid poorly managed funds.

He helped his clients avoid crisis with US Natural Gas Fund. When the UNG fell more than 75 percent, he advised clients from investing in the fund because of the tremendous losses that others suffered from a high demand. Until a resolution is reached, perhaps creation of more shares, it’s simply not a wise investment.

He also advised his clients against the United States Oil Fund when the prices fell 50 percent lower than the most recent crude oil prices. Commodities, in general, should not be sold or invested in if the pricing is not accurate and up-to-date.

Sam Tabar – A Financial Extraordinaire

His background as an attorney set the stage for his success as a financial strategist. He’s been successful in numerous industries and has seemed to hit his stride when it comes to financial advisement. Keep an eye out for Sam Tabar as he moves forward in his career.