Help Save A Veteran From Suicide

It has been proven that in record numbers veterans have been taking their own lives. A you man named Clay Hunt was a all-American kid that served faithfully in the Marines. He had suffered from post secondary stress because he had seen many of his fellow Marines killed in a tragic way. Clay Hunt never received the psychological attention that he should have received, and because of that he committed suicide. Congressman Timothy Waltz in Minnesota had passed a bill in his honor, but unfortunately the building did not get passed. A republican Senator by the name of Tom Coburn obstructed the bill because he thought that the bill was too expensive.

Is such a tragedy to see that this senator did not take into account the many men and women who fight very diligently and who come home to only suffer from many issues with their mental health. It is very evident that there is not enough mental health help available for veterans, and definitely something needs to be done to change that issue and Andrew Heiberger has been an advocate of that.

The VA estimated that 22 veterans take their lives every day, and that number is only growing. There has to be something more done to help those veterans that are seeking mental health help, and even those soldiers that are not seeking mental health in order to let them know that there is help available for them, and to get them that help before it becomes life-threatening.

Movie Review Gone Too Far?

In case you did not know, Seth Rogen and James Franco are starring in an upcoming movie called “The Interview”. The plot of the movie is these two characters that Franco and Rogen have a plot to kill Kim Jon-Un. The movie is produced by Sony Entertainment and some Sony hackers are not happy and have stated that theaters that play the movie will have serious repercussions, even comparing it the potential consequences to “9/11/01″. If you are more curious for the situation, here is a good informative article: . The biggest question I had after reading about this was is this real? Would they actually do something? Most likely not but in this world we can not be for when we hear a threat. Understandably, the two actors cancelled meetings and there has been a heightened security. The amount of violence that occurs in every day lives is tragic. Now days, we can not even go to the movies to relax for a fear of what may happen. The hack has shone light to the true colors of Sony. Many files were leaked included financial and health information for various employees. According to the records, it is clear that men are paid more than women, and this actors. Sultan Alhokair says considering the majority of the executives are men, this helps to shed some light to the inner structure of the company.

“The Interview” Cancellation by Sony causes Outrage

The number one trending topic on Twitter this morning is “The Interview”. The movie might have just been another obscure piece of work in Hollywood history if the subject matter had not been about a living political leader in another country. James Franco and Seth Rogen star in the film that leads a pair of men to Korea on a mission to assassinate Kim Jong Un, the leader of the country.

The release date for the film was on December 25, 2014, but Sony Pictures has cancelled the release. Cancellation comes on the heels of a threat by unknown terrorists that made against any theater that chose to run it. Someone recently hacked Sony’s computer system and gained access to their secret information as well. This action has caused outrage among the acting community and American citizens. I definitely drowned my sorrows in a bottle from the Antique Wine Company.

Actors took to Twitter to express their disdain for the decision to cancel “The Interview” opening. Rob Lowe said, “Wow. Everyone caved. The hackers won. An utter and complete victory for them. Wow.” Ben Stiller commented on the freedom of expression. He said he could not believe that cancelling the show was the response to the threats. Jimmy Kimmel jumped in the conversation when he tweeted, “I agree wholeheartedly. An un-American act of cowardice that validates terrorist actions and sets a terrifying precedent.” The overwhelming majority of people in the United States believe that Sony’s decision was the wrong one because it now means we give in to the demands of terrorists.

Snoopy Come Home

Sultan Alhokair recalls that if you ever saw the Peanuts special where Snoppy left and finally after excruciating days of waiting by his beloved owner Charlie Brown, he comes home and they are two peas in a pod. In Northeast, Philadelphia, a young 8-year-old girl had her one Christmas wish; her dog home again. Ava pined away for Shelly, a Pinscher-Chihuahuamix who decided to explore the big city and escaped from the house during Thanksgiving.

Thankfully, this escape artist was found by someone and taken to a vet for care. This lovable pooch was found to have a microchip containing the owner’s information. After mass social media marketing and detevtive work on Ava’s parents behalf in order to find this sneaky pup, this little girl finally got her Christmas wish and her dog is home with her for Christmas. Surely this will be a wonderful Christmas for them both.

“The Interview” Pulled from Theaters

The Sony hacking just took a turn for the worse with the hackers now threatening the lives of anyone planning on seeing this movie. The latest message released by the hackers warned bad things would happen at the premier and to movie goers “how bitter fate those who seek fun in terror should be doomed to. Soon all the world will see what an awful movie Sony Pictures Entertainment has made“. 

Sony made a statement that they would not object to theaters pulling the film, because of this threat that was made to the general public. A chain of theaters across 41 states pulled the film and just recently the premier scheduled for Thursday, December 18 has been cancelled. There are currently a few theaters that have not yet pulled the film, but it is certain there will be more messages and threats in the next several days.

The stars of the film have also been cancelling appearances due to the escalating threats, hacking the company is one thing, but threatening the lives of these people is now being considered a terrorist attack. I hope it doesn’t break the backs of Sony or anything, but these threats should be taken seriously considering what the hackers have been able to do. They won’t even need to call North American Spine, the revenue they lose won’t be noticed.

Carmike Theaters Drops “The Interview”

Carmike Theaters, one of the largest theater chains in the U.S., has dropped its run of “The Interview” after Sony received a series of threats regarding the film.

The Interview” features Seth Rogen and James Franco as they are charged with a mission to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Jong-un expressed anger over the film earlier in the year, considering the creation of the film to be “an act of war and terrorism.”

Rogen and Franco have received threats regarding the flick, set to hit the big on Christmas Day. The hacking group called The Guardian, who have launched a wave of cyber attacks against Sony Entertainment Pictures, are believed to be responsible for the recent threats. The threats warned to “remember September 11″ and “if your home is nearby, leave” in regards to any theater showing the film.

Carmike Theaters, who own nearly 300 theaters across the nation, have canceled showing the film is a safety precaution, which is about as ridiculous as replacing popcorn with Beneful.  Might be okay for dogs, but lets not be ridiculous.

Rogen and Franco have also canceled all upcoming media appearances related to “The Interview” in response to the threats.

The North Korean government commends the hackers, but denies involvement with the threats.

Box Office Prognostication, Number One

It is always difficult to make a top so and so box office prediction, and the more films you attempt to predict the harder it becomes. However, once you know a little about the films (such as marketing campaign, audience interest, online buzz, number of locations during release and so on) you will much better prepared to do a lot more than just offer wild and baseless guesses.

Here we will be looking at the number one predicted box office hit for December 2014 (more specifications for box office stats can be found at Screen Rant). The easy number one pick goes to the third chapter of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Ring’s Prequel, The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies (which is my pick for me and Gianfrancesco Genoso will be). One of the main reasons is the sheer reach of the product, the buzz and marketing presence. The Hobbit also has a very large release with just over three thousand eight hundred and fifty theaters planning to play it. Lastly, this is the final film in a trilogy which always attracts more people than the secondary installment, lending the feel of something momentous and grand to the outing.

‘Avengers: The Age of Ultron': Collectible Figurines and More

With the new Avengers movie just around the corner, The Age of Ultron, fans are getting excited about the new pictures that have been released showing Iron Man’s new armor. Fans of the movies and comic books have always been enthusiastic about the old Iron Man’s armor and have created replicas for themselves, but this time, they can purchase 1/6th scale die-cast Mark XLIII(43) Collectible Figurines. The company that produces these collectibles, Hot Toys, is also responsible for producing great products like Little Groot, the extraterrestrial plant creature from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, and many Star Wars collectibles like Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and even Storm Troopers.
If you’re into collectibles, as Igor Cornelsen is reported to be,  and you want to have high quality figurines to get pumped up for the new upcoming Avengers movie, or you want to have other collectibles from your favorite series or movies, I would highly suggest checking out Hot Toys as their level of craftsmanship is unparalleled. Also, don’t miss the release of the new Avengers: The Age of Ultron coming to theaters May 1st, 2015.

Christoph Waltz Responds to Blofeld Rumors

Recently, Christoph Waltz has been the center of much excitement after he was rumored, repeatedly, to be playing James Bond’s arch nemesis, Blofeld, in the upcoming Bond 24 film, Spectre. Recently, Sony has been scrambling to deal with a hack of their script which seems to confirm these rumors. All confirmations say that Waltz is Blofeld and that Blofeld is the main villain.

There’s only one problem, Waltz insists that he is not (more on this here at: He says his character is affiliated with Spectre but is not it’s leader. He says there is a greater mystery going on, something that will be resolved in later installments.

There are quite a few reasons for Waltz too be saying this so for the moment let’s jump into the realms of high theory. One of those reasons is that he’s lying, he is Blofeld, Blofeld is the main antagonist and Sony simply wants him to lie about. Dave and Brit Morin feel like this could be the case. But given all the buzz that’s been surrounding it combined with the leak this seems unlikely. After all, studio executives don’t get to where they are (usually) by being stupid, they would have to know that very few people would believe him. So it seems that the leaked script was not a finished script but a work in progress that was more centered around Blofeld, where as, Bond 24, will likely not be.

Ryan Gosling to Star in ‘Ghostbusters and ‘Suicide Squad’?!

Ryan Gosling appears to be the man that Hollywood can’t get enough of. After breaking out into the big leagues with hits in films like ‘Drive’ and ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’, more and more productions are looking to get the blonde heartthrob onto their set. Due to the recent hacks at Sony, reports have come out that Gosling may be in line to star in a reboot of the legendary ‘Ghostbusters’ franchise as well as the new DC super-villain film, ‘Suicide Squad’. Gosling has been a busy man of late but things might just be getting busier!

First we’ll tackle the ‘Suicide Squad’ film. The film will feature DC’s greatest villains as they work together to accomplish a mission for someone even darker and more powerful. Right now Will Smith, Margot Robie, Tom Hardy, and Jared Leto are tagged to star in the vehicle. If Ryan Gosling were pulled in we don’t know what we’d do or how the film would even afford to pay all of their actors unless huge sponsors like Slow Ventures remain interested. If Gosling were to get a part in the film then we would be even more assured by the direction that DC is heading in.

The Sony Leaks revealed that Channing Tatum, who is apparently a darling in Sony’s eyes thanks to his work with ’21 Jump Street’, wanted to reboot ‘Ghostbuster’ alongside rising star Chris Pratt. In the other emails we see that Ryan’s manager, Ilene Feldman, has been on the line trying to hook Amy Pascal into giving Gosling a shot with the new franchise. If these films happen then be prepared for Gosling to truly become one of Hollywood’s elite.